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ground regulations

  • In order to maintain a safe, pleasant and-friendly environment for everyone at the stadium anti-social behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in exclusion from the ground, potentially permanently, all at the discretion of club officials and directors

  • Buxton FC reserves the right to refuse admission to the ground, or any part of it, to any individual or group

  • Refusal to submit to a search will mean no admission or ejection from the ground

  • Alcohol bought into the ground by spectators will be confiscated

  • Anyone climbing over the pitch perimeter fence at any time without permission will be removed from the ground and barred indefinitely

  • No ball games, cycling or scooters are allowed around the pitch perimeter for the safety of other spectators

  • Air horns, musical instruments, banners or flags supported by poles of any kind will only be permitted at the discretion of Buxton FC staff. Any object considered unsuitable by ground staff will not be permitted in the ground

  • No objects are to be thrown onto the pitch

  • No pyrotechnics/fireworks/smoke flares etc. allowed in the ground

  • Any racial abuse will result in immediate expulsion from the ground

  • Please listen to and comply with any loud speaker announcements

  • Stewards are present to ensure crowd safety – they will be wearing high-vis vests or jackets – please comply with their instructions. Failure to do so will result in expulsion from the ground. Visitors are not permitted to wear items of clothing which could lead to them being mistakenly identified as stewards.

  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for ensuring the supervision of children in their care whilst in the ground. Unacceptable behaviour from children will not be tolerated and they and their parents/guardian will be asked to leave the ground.

  • Smoking is not permitted in the stands or any other buildings in the ground

  • Anyone needing First Aid assistance must contact a steward immediately. The main First Aid room is located in the Academy Hub.

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