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terms & conditions

stadium rules & regulations

For the Buxton FC Ground Regulations please click here.

pitch hire regulations

Groups must not enter the pitch area until their booked time slot begins and must leave as soon as this time slot ends, irrespective of if there are others waiting to use the pitch or not. Groups must only use the part of the pitch that has been rented out. 

If groups have people (i.e. children/friends) watching they are not permitted to enter the pitch area at any time.

Players and guests must be monitored by pitch booker at all times, ensuring that they comply with the Ground Regulations (available via above link).

Dugouts are not to be used as goals under any circumstances.

For guidance on permitted footwear for 4G pitch use please click here.

BFC-organised events & activities

Buxton FC reserves the right to make any schedule amends or cancellations to pitch bookings as required.

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