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Hardy On Target At Grantham And Sunday News

Oscar Woods

Buxton deservedly earned full points on Saturday to further their play-off prospects, especially as the visitors had as many as 5 players missing or less than fully fit. Accordingly they had several excellent performers whose contributions gave them constant superiority on an afternoon in which the corner-to-corner gale and the dry, bobbly pitch proved a great leveller. Ash Young, assisted by newcomer John Roberts, did so much good work to control midfield...Full Report HERE

The Bucks have taken young Australian midfielder Oscar Woods on works experience from Burnley. Oscar signed at Burnley in 2017 but had a delay for his International Clearance to come through before he could play competitive soccer.

We are next in action on Saturday (23rd) with a home fixture against Scarborough Athletic who yesterday parted company with their manager Steve Kittrick. Kick off is 3pm and the club is asking supporters to arrive slightly earlier than normal with a large crowd expected.

In other news, we are waiting for the league decision on the points situation since the demise of North Ferriby United. 'Ferriby' were wound up in a Hull court last Friday and if their record for this season is wiped out it could benefit the Bucks in their search for a play-off place. Buxton FC sends best regards to all at Ferriby, we have had many competitive encounters with them over the years and their demise is a sad situation indeed. More news on this to follow once confirmed.


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